Water Boilers

At Heat & Power Products, we are your single source boiler, burner, pump, and boiler room accessory supplier. Representing equipment manufacturers for over 45 years, Heat & Power Products is equipped to serve contractors, engineers and end-users with professional sales, specification, design and after-market support.

Aldrich Classic Series

Sizes: 695,000 to 4,443,000 BTU input

Non-condensing three-pass scotch marine boiler, Horizontal fire-tube design, uses Natural gas, #2 oil, or a combination of both for a dual fuel style burner, models up to 125 BHP fit through a 36" doorway. High efficiencies up to 88%.

Fulton Endura

Sizes: 750,000 - 2,000,000 BTU Input

Condensing, firetube, duplex stainless steel heat exchanger. Primary/variable flow hydronic system application. Ultra high efficencies up to 99%. Fully modulating with high turndown capabilities.


Sizes: 300,000 - 4,000,000 BTU Input

Condensing, cast aluminum heat exchanger, low maintenance. High efficiency, up to 95%. Uses natural gas, propane, or both. Fits through standard doorway and elevator.

Fulton Vantage

Sizes: 2,000,000 - 6,000,000 BTU Input

Condensing, firetube duplex alloy stainless steel heat exchanger, linkageless modulation. High efficencies up to 95%. Uses natural gas or duel fuel with natural gas & #2 oil.

PK Sonic

Sizes: 1,500,000 - 4,000,00 BTU Input

Condensing, stainless steel heat exchanger, 5:1 turndown, and custom configurable. Ultra high efficiencies up to 97%. Fits through 36" doorway. Designed to allow all annual maintenance through front door.

Fulton Pulse

Sizes: 750,000 - 2,000,00 BTU Input

Condensing, vertical firetube, low emissions.Only 90 watts during run mode. Uses natural gas, propane, or duel fuel. Low flow or no flow will not harm the pressure vessel of the boiler.

PK Modu-Fire

Sizes: 750,000 - 3,000,00 BTU Input

Non-condensing, copper finned heat exchanger, full modulation with 5:1 turndown. High efficiencies, up to 88%. Uses natural gas or propane. Easy to inspect and maintain.