Steam Boilers

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Aldrich Classic Series Steam

Sizes: 12-250 BHP

Horizontal 3-pass, wetback, firetube boiler. 15 PSIG Steam pressure, 30 PSIG water pressure. Models up to 125 BHP fit through a 36" doorway. Runs on natural gas, #2 oil, and has dual fuel capability. High efficiencies up to 88%.

Johnston 509

Sizes: 50 - 2,500 HP

This steam boiler can come as a 3 pass or 4 pass. Ranges 1,725 - 86,250 PPH and 15 - 30 PSIG. Custom engineered & custom built.

Johnson 309

Sizes: 100 - 750 HP

This steam boiler is a 3 pass design. Custom engineered & custom built.

Fulton FB-S

Sizes: 60 BHP - 800 BHP

3-pass, wetback, horizontal firetube boiler. Uses natural gas, #2 oil, or a combination of both for a duel fuel stule burner. Operating up to 84% efficiency.

BFS Zer-O-Pac Class S

Sizes: 3,500 - 125,000 #

This dearator is designed to mechanically scrub the last remaining traces of non-condensable gases. Vertical and horizontal options available. Unlimited non-standard sizes and options.

Fulton VMP (Vertical Multi-Port)

Sizes: 40 BHP - 150 BHP

Vertical 2-pass design with heavy-walled schedule 80 flue pipes (no tubes to replace). Vertical multi-port steam boiler. Designed pressure range 15, 150 psig, custom up to 300 psig. Up to 84% efficiency. Gas or oil fired and combination fuel fired. Largest vertical tubless steam boiler available to the market. Option for low emissions burner.

Fulton Classic (ICS & ICW or FB-A)

Sizes: 4 BHP - 60 BHP

Vertical tubeless 2-pass design. Top-mounted Fulton burner. Gas or oil fired and combination fuel fired. Up to 80% efficiency. Standard 150 psig, custom up to 500 psig. Option for low emissions burner.

Fulton Electric (FB-L & FB-W)

Sizes: 12 kW - 1000 kW (1.2 BHP - 100 BHP)

Vertical design steam boiler. Nearly 100% Efficiency. Standard up to 300 PSI, custom up to 800 PSI. Zero NOx Emissions.Quiet and safe operations. Electric boilers have no wasted fuel going out the stack as associated with fossil fuels; therefore, electric boilers are environmentally friendly.