Plumbing/Piping Accessories

At Heat & Power Products, we are your single source boiler, burner, pump, and boiler room accessory supplier. Representing equipment manufacturers for over 45 years, Heat & Power Products is equipped to serve contractors, engineers and end-users with professional sales, specification, design and after-market support.

Metraflex LPD

Sizes: 2-1/2" - 12"

The new LPD Y Strainer provides significant energy savings over the old Y strainer. Has a lower pressure drop.

Lawler 911 Series

Sizes: 2 - 60 GPM

Lawler has a 911, 911E, & 911E/F. Uses would be combination showers & eye/face wash units.

Metraflex MLP

Sizes: 2-1/2" - 12"

Max intermittent offset from centerline is 3/4" and max permanent offset from centerline is 1". Carbon steel flanges. Corrugated hose & braid is 300 series stainless steel.

Lawler 570

Sizes: 1/2" - 3/4"

This valve is easy to install, economically priced, and offers a range of temperature settings from full cold to 115°F. It can be installed with or without cabinets, is resistant to tampering, and protects against scalding and chilling.

Metraflex Doublesphere

Sizes: 2" - 12"

This rubber expansion joint has an unique shape and longer length increases acoustic resistance and dampens hydraulic surge and shock. Options include EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl, Nitrile, & Hypalon.

Lawler 800 Series

Sizes: 1 - 200 GPM

Lawler has an 801, 802, 803, 804, & 805 high-low mixing valves. Options include a cabinet and additional shutoff valves.

Stingray Eyewash Stations

Sizes: Custom

Eyewash stations suited for various locations and situations.