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Heat & Power Products Inc. is a full service commercial / industrial boiler room equipment supplier, specializing in: boilers, pumps, burners, boiler feed systems, deaerators, water treatment equipment, blowdown separators, stacks, boiler venting, heat recovery, heat exchangers, water heaters, boiler controls, boiler emission control packages, low NOx boilers, nonstandard fuel systems, and incineration.

Services Provided: sales, design assistance, equipment selection, proposals, after-market parts and start-up.


Alfa Laval

Creating the best heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies in the world for a 130 years, Alfa Laval's products and solutions are used in such areas as food and water supply, energy, environmental protection and pharmaceuticals.


A family tradition of fluid flow innovation, superb workmanship, and acknowledged product reliability. Since their founding in 1934, Armstrong has pioneered an uncompromising range of products for customers in residential, commercial and industrial markets. From the very beginning, the Armstrong name has been a benchmark for quality in design, engineering and manufacturing of Fluid Flow Devises.

BFS Industries, LLC

Deaerators, Boiler Feed and Surge Tanks, Oil Pumping Systems.

Cain Industries

Stack Economizers, Heat Recovery Systems, Waste Heat Boilers.

Critical Fuel Systems
Critical Fuel Systems

Critical Fuel Systems provides mission critical fuel oil systems. These systems are composed of pump sets, day tanks, controls, filtration systems and other specialty equipment to make up a complete system to meet your needs. Our systems are found in data centers, hospitals, governmental institutions and financial facilities.

Delta P. Carver
Delta P Carver

World-Class commercial water pump booster manufacturer.


Today, M&G DuraVent has continued its success since its origins over 50 years ago. With 24 available product lines, DuraVent has a large portion of the Chimney Market and continues to innovate new products. With a broad range of engineered venting products, DuraVent has earned its reputation as the industry leader by offering innovative, safe, and professional products for the HVAC and Hearth markets.

ECOM America

For over 20 years, ECOM America has been the leading manufacturer of portable emission combustion analyzers. Our instruments provide reliable and accurate results for most combustion applications in the market, and our team's commitment to safety, compliance and service is unparalleled.


Chimney Automation systems for Boilers, Kitchen Exhaust, Commercial Driers, Modulating Boiler Room Combustion Air Systems, Modulating Draft Control Dampers, Venting Solutions, Factory Engineered Systems.

Everlasting Valve

ASME Code Quick & Slow Opening Blowdown Valves

fabtek aero
Fabtek Aero

Fabtek Aero has redefined the boiler feed industry with their competitively priced stainless steel line of products including: condensate return tanks, boiler feed systems, custom & specialty tanks, pumps, and accessories.


FlowCon is one of the largest specialized manufacturers of dynamic balancing and pressure independent control valves for HVAC. They offer a complete valve product line for your HVAC needs including, Automatic Flow Limiting Valves, Manual Balancing Valves, Actuated Control Valves, Pressure Independent Valves, and Coil Piping Packages.


Fulton specializes in custom engineered industrial and commercial heating systems featuring steam boilers, hot water and hydronic boilers, thermal fluid (hot oil) heaters, temperature control units and a full range of ancillary equipment With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Great Britain and China, Fulton is a worldwide leader in the development of heat transfer products.

Johnston Boiler Company

Johnston Boiler Company : up to a 2500 HP steam boilers. Both 3 and 4 pass models include a 15 year limited pressure vessel and front and rear flue door warranty. Johnston is known for quality, dependability, and efficiency. Their boilers are used for process as well as commercial applications. Their main products consist of water-back, firetube, 3- or 4-pass, steam or hot water boilers.


AL 29-4C Stainless-Steel Gas Venting Systems for high efficiency, sealed combustion, condensing boilers, Single and Double Wall, Chimney Liners, Job Specific AutoCAD Drawings.


Lawler Manufacturing offers a full line of thermostatic mixing valves for your tempered water needs.

LES Boilers

L.E.S. designs, assembles, tests, and ships packaged boilers, custom built energy management packages and boiler feed systems. Their Packaged Boilers are designed and tested to the standards of Section IV of the ASME code


Ludell has more than 65 years of engineering and designing of customized heat exchangers, energy conservation units and water systems. We’ve worked with a litany of industries to custom-build solutions that will be more efficient and save fuel costs.


Thermal, vibration & seismic solutions for pipe in motion since 1958.

Miljoco Corp
Miljoco Corporation

Manufacturer of thermometers, contractor’s gauges, bi-metal thermometers, liquid filled gauges, industrial thermometers, diaphragm gauges, tridicators, and accessories: remote read thermometers, thermowells, syphons, snubbers and isolation valves.

Niles Steel Tank
Niles Steel Tank

Niles Steel Tank is a fabricator of quality pressure vessels and glass lined water storage tanks. Niles Steel Tank began in 1898 servicing the local agricultural industry and shortly thereafter built water tower tanks for the railroad industry. During the expansion of the Industrial Revolution, Niles Steel Tank played a major role in supporting both local and national manufacturers with ASME, Sec. VIII, Division 1 process tanks, pressure vessels, custom reactors and custom pressure vessels for almost every industry. Since Niles Steel Tank is a custom tank fabricator, there is very little that the facility cannot produce and is limited only by D.O.T. size restrictions and in-house lifting capabilities.


Novatherm designs and manufactures energy efficient steam boilers and hot water boilers. Our innovative flexible water tube boilers and firetube boilers are designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. Utilizing multiple patented innovations, our family of flexible watertube boilers and firetube boilers provides energy efficiency above the competition. These innovations allow our customers to save on operating costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting present and future limits on emissions.


Boilers & Water Heaters, Modular High Efficiency Boiler Plants, Low Mass, Sealed Combustion, Full Modulation, Dual Fuel, Condensing and Non-Condensing Designs.

Security Chimney
Security Chimney International

Industrial-strength chimneys, designed for Category I, II, III, and IV heating boilers, domestic water boilers, and low- to high-temperature hydronic heating applications.Available in stainless steel, single and double wall, as well as insulated.


Boiler Breeching & Stacks, UL Listed Positive, Neutral and Negative Pressure Vent Systems, Grease Duct and Engine Exhaust System, Factory Engineered Systems with 10-year Warranty and Job Specific AutoCAD Drawing.


Stingray Systems manufactures emergency fixtures, valves and tepid systems for your tepid water needs.

Lines we are Affiliated with


AAtanks is a producer of ASME and non-ASME tanks and pressure vessels.

Advanced Industrial Components
Advanced Industrial Components (AIC)

AIC offers a complete heat transfer solutions.


High quality air and air & dirt separators for hydronic systems.


An industry leader in polypropylene vent systems.

Delta Fabricating
Delta Fabricating

ASME and non-ASME pressure vessels and tanks.

Firelake Manufacturers

Incinerators for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


Flo-Pac, a complete line of modular coil hook-up components designed specifically for HVAC applications.

Fluid Pro Energy
Fluid Power Energy

The ability to customize thermostatic control valves to your needs and lead free compliance, we can also build your temperature control valve to spec and size with additional oil filtration, sensing and piping as well as mixing or diverting valves.

Heat Timer
Heat Timer

Heat Timer is a leading manufacturers of automated heating controls for the HVAC/R and Plumbing Industry.

IBC Boiler
IBC Technologies

Our wall-mounted condensing boilers convert Natural Gas or Propane into heat with unprecedented efficiency, helping to stretch our precious supply of fossil fuels well into the future. We are dedicated to finding new and better ways to utilize the world’s dwindling energy resources while providing superior comfort, reliability and fuel savings to our customers.

JJM Boiler Works
JJM Boiler Works

JJM Boiler Works offers a wide range condensate neutralizer products

Johnson Burners
Johnson Burners

Johnson Burners offers a complete burner product line designed to meet your combustion needs.

John Wood Company
John Wood Company

Products, services, and solutions for applications ranging from water storage and HVAC system control to gas generation, oil-water separation, heat transfer, and filtration.

Ludell MFG
Ludell MFG

Direct contact water heaters.

Rosedale Products, Inc.

Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers internationally. As filter specialists, Rosedale Products Inc. produces an exceptional product line that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries.


Since 1979, Unilux has designed, refined and perfected its watertube and firetube boilers by building for customers who think not in terms of projects, but in terms of decades. Facility owners and energy service companies whose bottom line depends on predictable lifetime value. Architects and contractors whose future depends on repeat business. And engineers who know a good thing when they see it.